Boat4Rent Background

Tell us your whishes

Do you have a special request, are you dreaming of something original: tell us! We can help you by dreaming out loud and we can contemplate it together. Let the following examples be a source of inspiration:

√  A photo-shoot

Be original and take some exclusive photographs of your wedding, your birthday or festivity… The water is a perfect place for wonderful photo’s. Let a professional photographer guide you, or you can take the pictures yourself!


√  Embark on matrimony

Come on board for an charming trip at the touristic Lys. Sail along the most beautiful places and arrive at a little picturesque church at the village of Afsnee…  Visitors and guests can see you anchor, and follow along as you walk to the altar. What a classy and stylish arrival at your wedding!


√  Let’s party: your birthday, your engagement, your stag night or hen party

Sail along with your friends and family for an original party. It’ll be unforgettable, amazing, incredible… A party place you’ve never been before.


√  Boat master certificate

Learn to sail and navigate! Follow lessons to learn the navigation skills or just to have some practical experience. We can train you into a real captain…


√  Day trip

Early in the morning we take off with a trip on the touristic Lys. Through the ringcanal we sail into Ghent sea port. To get into the seaport we have to pass a lock, a rather exciting moment. Once we arrive at the seaport we are impressed by the gigantic sea-going ships and the industry at the harbor. After this impression we sail off at the town center of Ghent, we explore the canals, we can even reach the smallest river canals en sail under the lowest bridges.

Attracted by Ghent, we sail on to our home port.