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The whole day (8h)

 Up to 9 people, 

 FOR ONLY € 1195  

Early in the morning we take off with a trip on the touristic Lys. Immediately you will be enjoying the silence, you will see some wonderful pieces of nature, you feel the enjoyment of the boat  in and on the water… We can also behold the beautiful villa’s at the shores of the river. We can desire their romantic magic gardens.

Through the ringcanal we sail into Ghent sea port. This is a speed area, where the water is whirling at the bottom of the boat as we sail upon our own waves.

To get into the seaport we have to pass a lock, a rather exciting moment. Once we arrive at the seaport we are impressed by the gigantic sea-going ships and the industry at the harbor. After this impression we sail off at the town center of Ghent.

This is an ideal moment to enjoy an appetizer and consider a culinary moment.

With a full stomach we explore the canals at the historic town center, we can even reach the smallest river canals en sail under the lowest bridges. It’s an unique atmosphere at each moment of the year. We enjoy the historic buildings at a way you’ll never experienced before.  When you see the tourists, the shoppers, the strolling people … you’ll think you’re on holiday!

Attracted by Ghent, we sail on to our home port.